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Shower Bases & Bathtub Replacements

 Re-Bath® shower bases and bathtubs are both beautiful and durable. Isn't it time for you to have the comfort and beauty of a redesigned bathroom today?


Upgrade your bathroom with a beautiful, easy to clean Re-Bath Bathtub. Re-Bath DuraBath SSP® Bathtubs are the perfect replacement for a worn out fiberglass unit. Re-Bath DuraBath SSP® bathtubs offer numerous advantages over cast iron, pressed steel and fiberglass units. Re-Bath’s durable high-gloss finish will not dent, rust, peel or crack. The DuraBath SSP® surface is warm to the touch and easier to clean than fiberglass units. Re-Bath Bathtubs are an innovative combination of durability and beauty requiring minimum maintenance.

Shower Bases

Upgrade your shower with a beautiful, easy to clean Re-Bath DuraBath SSP® Shower Base.  Re-Bath DuraBath SSP® Shower Bases are perfect for the worn out fiberglass units or Bathtub to Shower Conversions. Re-Bath Shower Bases are an innovative combination of beauty and durability. The lustrous non-porous surface will keep its brilliant shine for years and is easier to clean than a fiberglass unit. Re-Bath Shower Bases are available in a variety of sizes to meet your construction or renovation needs.